To provide high-quality educational opportunities for lifelong learners, regionally and globally, thereby empowering people and transforming communities for a better future.


University of Calgary is a leader in continuing and lifelong learning.


  • To expand access to lifelong learning.
  • To offer a wide range of seminars, courses, and programs for individuals and organizations seeking professional development, academic preparation, and personal enrichment.
  • To work across the University of Calgary to develop and deliver innovative continuing education programs for professionals, scholars, artists, and members of the community at large.
  • To partner with industry, educational institutions, governments, and non-profits to deliver mutually beneficial initiatives, programs, and services.

Guiding Principles

University of Calgary Continuing Education is...



We are nimble and respond creatively and strategically to opportunities.



We build bridges between people and teams through strong stakeholder engagement.



We value diversity in all its forms and engage everyone with dignity and respect.



We deliver excellence, through fiscally responsible, data driven decision making.



We value people, and strive to create an environment where people thrive.

Foundational Pillars


Institutional Alignment

We enable the academy to serve life-long learners through continuing education.

Support an administratively centralized, academically decentralized vision of Professional Continuing Education provision across the institution.


Responsive Programming

We are a responsive educational unit.

Develop and deliver learning opportunities that align with the University's program while meeting the evolving learning requirements of our domestic and international communities.


Quality Experience

We deliver on the UCalgary brand.

Deliver end to end learning solutions that positively impact our learners and partners, enrich their learning experience and help position them to take advantage of career or growth opportunities.


Financial Viability

We are revenue generating, producing a positive return on investment.

Be financially self-sustaining in the delivery of all our programs and services.



We are building an inclusive campus community.

Through participation and action that supports iii'taa'poh'to'p and EDI strategy implementations.

What is university continuing education?

University continuing education refers to various activities through which universities provide educational programs and services to those not enrolled in traditional on-campus study.

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Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE)

University of Calgary Continuing Education is a proud member of the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education.

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