The Association of Administrative Assistants is a Canadian chartered non-profit professional organization founded in April 1951. The Association encourages its members to further their education and enhance their career opportunities by continuously upgrading their skills and professionalism.

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The Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA) designation is sponsored by the Association of Administrative Assistants. The program consists three compulsory courses and four elective courses, which can all be completed at the University of Calgary Continuing Education. Anyone enrolling in the program as of January 1, 2015 will be required to have two years of work experience in an administrative role before being eligible to graduate.

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Compulsory Courses

Association Courses UCalgary Course Equivalents
Business Administration BMC 205 Business Management
Business English WRI 150 Writing in the Workplace
Organizational Behaviour BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations

Elective Courses (Choose 4)

Association Courses UCalgary Courses
Financial Accounting BMC 162 Accounting Fundamentals
Business or Commercial Law BMC 117 Business Law OR BMC 188 Managing Investigations
Economics BMC 171 Economics for Business
Human Resources Management BMC 165 Human Resources Management
Marketing BMC 167 Marketing Principles
Public Relations BMC 119 Public Relations
Project Management BMC 299 Project Management: Level I