Continuing Education works with many organizations to deliver employee and leadership training. Working with you, we create tailored content based on your budget, training needs and your unique corporate culture. Some of the outcomes our customers experience with us include:

  • Improved employee engagement and productivity across your organization
  • Increased profit as a result of employee development and productivity
  • Increased product & service improvement as a result of employee development and productivity
  • Support for high performing employees (individual contributors) transitioning into leadership roles
  • Enhanced operational efficiency through employee development
  • Professional and career development for employees
  • Aligned employee performance to organizational performance

Why invest in employee training during an economic downturn?

During an economic downturn, many companies choose to reduce staff as a way to cut operational costs. This usually means a couple of things:

  • A loss of net knowledge which must be replaced by the remaining employees
  • The smaller employee base is required to perform the same outputs or deliverables

There can be an added pressure on these employees, especially if there are additional job requirements (i.e., skills they don't possess).

Engaging employees in training and development can be an effective counterattack to the low morale of employees during a recession; when they worry most about job security. Employees gain intrinsic job satisfaction when their employer invests in their development.

As your corporate training partner, Continuing Education provides:

  • Customized courses and seminars designed with you to meet your strategic initiatives
  • Cost-effective delivery options
  • Flexible delivery options — at times and locations that work for your employees
  • Employee and leadership development
  • Experienced and knowledgeable facilitators who are experts in their fields with frameworks and tools that can be applied to the workplace
  • Corporate and team building events
  • Assistance with Canada-Alberta Job grant applications
  • Credential opportunities through the University of Calgary

Our needs assessment process is a consultative approach with the goal of delivering content that meets your organization's unique training needs.

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Continuing Education has a growing client list ranging from start-ups to large public entities. See for yourself which companies we have successfully worked with.

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