Project Management is applicable to many fields, and is currently a growth sector around the world.

The certificates in this specialization offer leadership training with a mix of business analysis, change management, and technological competencies that enable students to effectively implement new processes and manage projects.

With this specialization, gain these competencies and be familiar with a broad range of tools, techniques and methodologies to contribute and manage all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Choose this program track if:

  • You work, or aspire to work, as a project manager in a variety of industries or fields
  • You are a business owner who needs planning, organizing, scoping skills
  • You work, or aspire to work, as a change manager helping project stakeholders transition smoothly by planning, managing and reinforcing change
  • You are interested in pursuing a PMP® or CAPM® designation in the future

The focus is on business analysis, change strategies and facilitation, project life cycles and project management.

Business analysis

Business analysis

Review of enterprise-wide functions and processes.

Change strategies

Change strategies

Frameworks and tools, to plan and manage the change process.

Facilitate change

Facilitate change

Technique and tactics to enable change through engaged processes.

Project life cycle

Project life cycle

Phases of conceptualization, initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing.

Project management

Project management

Methodologies to problem-solve organizational challenges.



Deepen your own practice, while developing and fostering a multi-dimensional view of leaders and leadership.

Upon successful completion of this specialization, you will receive the following certificates.

Project Management Fundamentals Certificate

Explore the core principles of project management as documented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide).

You will learn the competencies required to move a project through the project life cycle phases of conceptualization, initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing; the principles of project management, quality management, procurement management, dynamic leadership; and the best practices used in different industry sectors.

Certificate in Change Management

Learn the various aspects of change management, and how to support people through change while, at the same time, working towards delivering the organization's planned results. Change management is a systematic process for leading people, projects and organizations through transition.

Explore how to assess organizational readiness and change impact, then move on to formulating change management strategies and plans that fit within a project management framework.

Certificate in Business Analysis

This Certificate will prepare you to actively support the delivery of successful projects. You will learn how to clearly identify business needs and project requirements and how to work collaboratively with business and IT stakeholders.

The program includes courses that leverage the concepts of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge and include main topics such as collaboration, testing and quality assurance, requirements analysis and design.

Certificate for Front Line Leaders

The Certificate provides the knowledge, skills and tools first-line supervisors need to be effective leaders. With this certificate, you will deepen your own practice of leadership, while developing and fostering a multi-dimensional view of leadership.

Students must complete a 20-hour independent final assessment (reflective journal) based on the four topic areas.

The program is built around four pillars:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Business Operations
  • Leading across Business Units

This specialization begins with a program orientation.

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BMC 299 Project Management Level I
Learn the fundamental project management processes and knowledge areas.
BMC 266 Project Management Level II
Develop project control skills, while enhancing your planning and measurement skills, in this advanced project management course.
BMC 301 Procurement and Contract Management
Explore the project procurement processes and learn strategies to manage key partners and vendors, as well as manage each contract life cycle.
BMC 302 Project Management: HR and Communication
Examine strategies to organize project teams and communicate effectively with stakeholders for project success.
BMC 300 Project Quality Management
Discover the fundamentals of quality management and their value to a project's success.
BMC 290 Leadership in Project Management
Examine different leadership styles, competencies and tools to help you develop the ability to lead complex projects and organizational change.
Total Hours 165 55 55 55

Total Hours: 212.5 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BMC 358 Change Management Theory and Application
Learn organizational change strategies through different lenses and frameworks, and examine interventions and tools to plan and manage the change process.
BMC 359 Change Strategy and Planning
Examine readiness for change at both the organizational and stakeholders' levels, and discuss a framework for planning change with accountability measures.
BMC 360 Managing Change Implementation
Learn the necessary elements required to lead the implementation of a change plan from initiation to execution.
BMC 361 Evaluating and Sustaining Change
Learn how to apply current models of reporting to stakeholders and discuss how to communicate plans for sustaining change.
BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations
Improve understanding of human behaviour in organizations to enhance effectiveness and influence the development and operation of your workplace.
BMC 348 Agile Project Management: The Basics
Obtain an overview of AGM methodologies, such as Scrum and KANBAN, and how to choose the best approach for projects in your organization.
ICT 709 Software Development Foundations
Learn how software development is done and the basic components of a software development system.
ICT 716 Agile Software Development
Learn Agile Software Development principles and processes with an emphasis on Scrum.
WRI 150 Writing in the Workplace
Develop your writing skills through working on correspondence, such as letters, memos, and emails; as well as summaries, reports or proposals.
Total Hours 212.5 47.5 75 90

Total Hours: 180 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
ICT 761 Elicitation and Collaboration
Learn how to assess a project and prepare for discussions, how to conduct elicitation sessions, confirm results, and maintain a collaborative relationship with stakeholders.
ICT 762 Requirements Analysis and Design
Learn how to use common office software to accomplish some of the key tasks a business analyst is expected to perform during requirements analysis and design.
ICT 763 Business Process Management
Learn how to design, model, monitor and optimize processes within the lifecycle of a BPM initiative.
ICT 764 Solution Evaluation and Testing
Get a hands-on approach to testing, including how to identify test strategies, define proper test cases, analyze test coverage, execute testing, and perform defect tracking.
ICT 700 Business Intelligence Introduction
Obtain the concepts, practices, and tools used to successfully deploy business intelligence projects.
ICT 773 Program Strategy for BI Projects
Focus on the value of Business Intelligence (BI) Programs and how their success is defined in an organization.
Total Hours 180 90 60 30

Total Hours: 83 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BUS 127 Emotional Intelligence
Integrate intellectual and emotional intelligence to obtain positive results in personal and professional interactions.
BUS 646 Productivity Skills and Tools for Managers
Explore how to think strategically about prioritizing tasks, managing your time, and practise self-care to enhance personal productivity.
BUS 128 Dealing with the Difficult Conversation
Learn an assertive, yet respectful method for discussing concerns with others to be successful in difficult conversations.
BUS 649 Powerful Professionals: Consulting Skills for Leaders within Organizations
Discover how to utilize a five-step process designed to enhance effectiveness in applying not only technical skills but also critical interpersonal skills within organizations.
BUS 635 Effective Decision Making in a Complex Environment
Learn to assess and confront problems to make timely decisions by applying techniques, achieving the best results for your business.
BUS 639 Managing Difficult Stakeholders
Learn how to identify characteristics and apply methods on how to manage difficult conversations while still maintaining the relationship through this process.
BUS 640 Business Case Development: Frameworks and Templates
Learn the criteria to develop a compelling business case for a targeted audience, achieve approval and secure buy-in.
BUS 700 Final Assessment for Certificate for Front Line Leaders
Reflection paper at the end of the Front Line Leaders program.
Total Hours 83 21 28 34

Why choose this program track?

This program focuses on giving you the tools to successfully contribute and manage all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Key learning themes: Change management, Project Management methodology, Business Analysis methodology as per BABOK, Leading Self, Leading Others, Leadership and Business Operations, Leadership across Business Units

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