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Continuing Education International Professional Programs are full-time, professional development certificate programs that provide students with skills sought by employers. International students in these designated programs are eligible to apply for study permits. Upon completion, students can apply for post-graduate work permits that will allow them to work in friendly and beautiful Calgary, or elsewhere in Canada. All International Professional Programs require in-person attendance.

Let us prepare you for the shifting demands of the Canadian workplace

We have two program formats for international students wishing to study and work in Canada...

The eight-month program consists of a 300-hour certificate in Professional Management and two short Human Resource Management certificates (100 and 120 hours).

This program takes two terms to complete. Each term is four months. There are three admission periods per year: fall, winter, and spring/summer. Students should expect approximately 220 course hours per term in order to complete the program in 8 months. Due to course transferability between certificates, this program stream has 440 total course hours resulting in certificate credit totalling 520 hours.


  2023 Fees 2024 Fees
Application Fee: $200 $200
Program Fee: $14,700 $15,700
TOTAL: $14,900 $15,900

Textbooks are not included in the fee.

For more fee information, please see Fees and Payment Deadlines and International Refunds and Transfers.

Students completing the Eight-Month Program may be eligible for an eight month Post Graduate Work Permit.

How to Register

These programs are designed to provide you with expertise in a chosen professional field and the skills needed to lead a team, increase employee engagement, enhance performance and productivity, and contribute to the overall success of an organization. Each specialization will provide the graduate with a leadership certificate and multiple complementary technical certificates that include shared courses, allowing the student to achieve their credentials in less time.

These programs will take three four-month terms to complete. There are three admission periods per year: fall, winter, and spring/summer. Students should expect approximately 215 course hours per term. Due to course transferability, many streams have courses that can be used for more than one certificate. For example, the Project Management stream has 640 total course hours resulting in certificate credit totalling 760 hours.


2023 Fees 2024 Fees
Application Fee: $200 $200
Program Fee: $22,050 $23,250
TOTAL: $22,250 $23,450

Textbooks are not included in the fee.

For more fee information, please see Fees and Payment Deadlines and International Refunds and Transfers.

How to Register

1+1 Program Options

Students can complete the Project Management and Business Analysis, Intelligence and Analytics program streams consecutively. If you choose to pursue this option, please note that you will be able to apply for a study permit extension to continue with the second program once the registration for the second program is open and the second Letter of Acceptance has been issued. Students in the 1+1 program will have reduced tuition fees and course loads in their second year of studies. For tuition details on 1+1 programs please see Fees and Registration.

The Digital Media and Marketing program stream does not have a 1+1 option. Students in this program may take an additional IPP stream at full tuition rates, but will be required to pay full tuition for both programs.

Students completing consecutive one-year programs may be eligible for a three-year Post Graduate Work Permit.

Please note all of our programs are subject to change with regards to scheduling, classes, and cohorts. Classes may also take place during evenings.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires the following*:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must meet our English language proficiency requirements
  • You must have completed a post-secondary degree or diploma (minimum 2 years in length) from a college or university

* Please note that admission criteria may be subject to change.

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Program Delivery Methods

Course delivery may vary, and can include in-person courses during the daytime or evening. Some courses may also be online.

Study Permits

When you should apply for a Study Permit

International Professional Programs (IPP) students are required to apply for a study permit at least three months prior to the program start date. This is to ensure the student receives their study permit and entry documents prior to the start of the term. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's processing times may be subject to delays. Applying for a study permit early will help to mitigate any foreseeable delays.

Applying as a Study Permit holder

The International Professional Programs often fill up very quickly. If a program is full for a specific term, you will not be able to apply regardless of whether you hold a valid study permit in Canada or not. Learn more...

* A Temporary Resident Visa is a counterfoil document attached to the passport that allows students from certain countries to enter Canada.

Information Session

Learn more about the International Professional Programs with this information session recorded in February 2023.

University of Calgary Downtown Campus

Learn at the Downtown Campus

International Professional Program students attend classes at the University of Calgary Downtown Campus, a unique intellectual and corporate hub in the downtown core.

The Downtown Campus is a place for learning and community engagement. The fresh and collaborative meeting and event spaces are designed to facilitate new, innovative thinking.

The Downtown Campus is an ideal location from which to explore downtown Calgary's cuisine, park spaces, events, music, and entertainment. It is only a 12 minute train ride from the main UCalgary campus.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Explore Calgary

Before you get started, take a quick tour of Calgary. Learn more at

Located in Canada's energy capital and close to the majestic Rocky Mountains, the University of Calgary is a world-class university that inspires and supports discovery, creativity and innovation across all disciplines.


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