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Does your work require proficiency in Microsoft Office? Make your everyday tasks easier by taking your skills to a high level and gain a valuable credential for your resume. Offices around the world use Microsoft's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio, and Macros and VBA products.

This flexible program makes it possible to customize a certificate to meet your specific needs. If you already have experience in an application, you may begin your learning at the level that fits your needs.

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Most courses are taught in computer labs at the main campus, typically in two full-day sessions from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

In general, most students complete the program in one or two years.

You can take courses first and enrol in the certificate later; however, as programs are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission to the certificate as early as possible. Once you are admitted, you can be confident that you have locked in the requirements leading to your graduation.

To be admitted students must be 18 years of age; successful completion of grade 12 or equivalent; workplace experience is an asset. If English is not your first language please review the English language proficiency requirements.

A degree or diploma is not required to enrol in a University of Calgary Continuing Education course or certificate unless otherwise specified.

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Advanced standing may be granted for equivalent, graded courses completed at other post-secondary institutions. Credit may be granted up to a maximum of 30 hours towards this certificate.

To apply for advanced standing, click here.

ICT 701 Business Intelligence Self Service may also be applied towards a Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements for graduation are fulfilled, and to apply to graduate.

View our Graduation page for details.

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