Course Description

Examine the position of managers/supervisors and how these roles contribute to the delivery of business results and the overall effectiveness of the organization.  Explore the key concepts for managing people. Learn a positive way of evaluating and monitoring performance, productivity, and effectiveness. Uncover strategies in managing individual performances and learn to adapt leadership approaches to meet the needs of stakeholders.

Students will experiment with leadership approaches and receive feedback from their instructor and peers.

Students will be required to complete an INSIGHTS® Discovery instrument prior to the course

Course Details

By the completion of this course, successful students will be able to: 

  • Assess interpersonal skills required for organizational success
  • Identify effective leadership styles based on employee’s developmental levels to increase staff productivity
  • Lean self-awareness techniques, understand others and adapt leadership approaches to meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Discuss motivation and leadership in combination
  • Examine managerial/supervisory roles required for organizational success
  • Discuss strategies for managing groups and individual performance

Instruction Topics: 

  • Effective leadership styles
  • Insights into personal and leadership effectiveness
  • Managing group and individual performance
  • Building self-awareness through positive reinforcement and developmental feedback


Will be replacing: BUS 146 Fundamentals of Supervision

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